Laura’s blog confession: The secret of networking (and the difficulties)

IMG_1941I arrived at Nice Airport as one of the first participants of the Nisimazine Cannes-workshop. It is early in the morning and I just put on my make-up face. Waiting for the bus to Cannes, a loud couple holds still at the bus stop. She is a short redhead in a practical lime green coat; he is tall and never takes off his sunglasses. They work for a Dutch television network and are in Cannes to do daily reports. Our conversation starts up nice, but after a while they throw around statements like: “I saved my interview with Johnny Knoxville on tape. When I speak to him again in ten years, I can refer to something we said a long time ago,” and “we might have to cancel DiCaprio. Do you not agree it is more chic to mention who we cancel?” I think to myself: I hope I will never get this blasé. Not only to call off Leonardo DiCaprio, but also to brag about it to young journalists. While the bus is filling up, I close my eyes and take a nap.

When I woke up, I realized I made a huge mistake. We had a friendly conversation; who knows if these could have been good contacts in the future.I should have taken advantage or at least get their business card. But I am too late.

The bus arrives; they take their suitcases and leave. Supposedly seems the importance of liking and being liked has faded. From now on I will be a no nonsense networking machine. I will strategically choose my contacts and analyze their agendas. I will by likable and overly interested in every topic.Too bad I will write about those subjects, probably spoiling my chances forever.

By Laura van Zuylen (The Netherlands)


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