Nisimazine Cannes confession by Robyn Davies


Being my first time in Cannes, I didn’t really have much idea beforehand about the power of my badge. I learned very quickly that colours are important (from the holy grail white badge to my lowly yellow), and soon after I started to feel somewhat self-conscious. What if no one will speak to me because I’m a yellow? Will the pink’s sneer at me? And most importantly – what if I don’t get into any screenings?

It wasn’t long before I realised that while the colours matter in a practical sense, no one really cares. Everyone is united by two things in the press world: they love film (well, you’d hope so) and they need to write about it. And for that reason, you’re treated like a person. People do speak to you, lots of them. When you’re destined to spend your week standing in queues outside of the Palais, conversations spark up easily, especially when you have to share umbrellas (if you haven’t already heard, it’s rained – a lot.)

With a press badge you’re also granted access to most things. The majority of the screenings aren’t a problem, and the same goes for press conferences. More importantly, your opinion counts. This morning I was stopped by a camera crew and asked my thoughts on Le Passe’s chances of winning the Palme d’Or. Yep, even a yellow badge holder’s opinion is deemed television worthy here.

by Robyn Davies (UK)


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