Patrick Holzapfel´s Cannes Confession

Patrick Holzapfel´s Cannes Confession

I keep my eyes wide shut
A sound appears from somewhere. It is as if someone opens a curtain. I open my eyes: Ah, the curtain, the screen. I am in a movie theater, I am in Cannes. If you take a look in and around the cinemas of Cannes you notice many tired eyes forcing themselves to keep awake; sometimes they stare at nothing; sometimes they burn in red colors. I have the feeling that many watch the movies with their eyes wide shut. (Pun intended)
It is just my second day here but I look exactly like them. Isn’t it strange that the eyes, maybe the most important instrument of every film professional (and wannabe), look worst during a film festival?
Not few tend to sleep during some screenings. I’ve seen some, I have heard of some. I prefer not to go to a movie if I am too tired. What is the point? As soon as the light goes out the eyes go on and the brightness of the screen is much more about Cannes than all those glamour and showing-off that honestly shocked me on my first day. My first impression of Cannes is that it is great to keep one’s eyes shut outside of the cinemas and wide open inside.
So I try to watch films here. The curtain opens, the lights go out and it is kind of paradox that I feel happiest in Cannes when I completely forget where I am.

By Patrick Holzapfel (Germany)


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