Melanie de Groot Van Embden`s Cannes Confession

The train from Paris to Cannes takes you along the Mediterranean coast, close enough to the water to admire the sea and the palm trees. I was blown away by the view, and as I was reaching the Riviera, I finished Frédéric Mitterand’s book “Le festival de Cannes”. Reading it is like watching the trailer before going to the movie. It says a lot but you need to experience it yourself!

I didn’t have to wait long. Not even watched a film yet i´ve already been to my first party. If Cannes was a movie, it would be my favourite one. It has bad guys, beautiful girls, money, pressure, lonely people, dreams and love. What a funny bunch of people, suits, incredible long dresses, luxury cars, stalkers, dirty cafes, loud music. I wanted it all!
With wide opened eyes, we spent our first day discovering the venues, the program, dispatched the reviews and got to know each other better. We also got a very good lecture on the festival history and industry.

My heart was beating so fast I realized I was falling in love with it. I had the same feeling when I first moved to Berlin, I know what it’s like. It gives me a shot of energy and makes me a more positive person.
Will I be able to write anything negative about the movies? Happiness doesn’t sell right? I take the challenge.

I am not an experienced writer or critic, i only know about pictures and feelings and that’s what cinema is about for me. I wish we would all speak each other´s languages to communicate better. Which makes me agree with Mr Steven Spielberg : “The festival proves, again and again, that cinema is the language of the world.”
Vive le cinéma!

By Melanie de Groot Van Embden


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