There is always an open door by Jorė Janavičiūtė

jores confession

“Viewers with valid tickets must take up their places no later than 5 minutes before the beginning of the screening, otherwise their right to their seat will be automatically withdrawn” says a notice on ticket here in Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Of course, it is written in small letters, difficult to notice for the KVIFF first-timer, who has not learned a lesson yet. But what can a fellow film journalist do, running from screening to screening or from writing to screening all day long and sometimes a bit late, when the screening of the film he needs to write about is completely full, and a girl is very sorry, but she cannot let him in?

This is what happened to me yesterday. “The Deflowering of Eva van End”. People where talking that this Dutch film is even better than Wes Anderson. 5 minutes late. The girl is sorry. I try the smiling and “I need to write about” strategies (but I really need to write about this film). Does not help. Giving up on cinematographically enjoyable Wes-Anderson-like movie and seeing it in the video library? No way.

But here I notice the cute director of the film, Michiel ten Horn, standing by the door. Nothing to lose, I decide to complain. “You must be so pleased, your movie is overcrowded. And they are not letting me in.” Sad face. “Maybe that would be too obvious, but look, here is another door,” he says.

Another door, with a small opening.

It’s been a while since a sceening has been so enjoyable.


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