Barefoot picnic in a park with students


Watching 4-5 movies a day sometimes makes you long for a short timeout. What to do now? Just take your shoes off, mingle with the crowd in one of the small parks along the river Teplá and contemplate a bit here. In my opinion, the real essence of KVIFF lays in these unofficial festival spots which turn a jiff into real forums where you can discuss about the movie you have just seen- even with strangers. People are remarkably open here, they enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company while sitting on the grass. This is the best way to compensate for all the daytime hours you’ve spent in the darkness of the screening room and finally get a light suntan.

If you join this global picnic, you definitely meet the representatives of the young generation. For me, their attendance is the most impressive thing at KVIFF. I haven’t seen so many enthusiastic teenagers- regardless of the genre of a movie- in a screening anywhere else (especially not in my country). These young adults attend the cinema just because it is simply trendy to be here. And they actively participate, give feedback and vote. No wonder they are here; the festival encourages them to come with cheap accommodation and a wide range of entertainments. When, a couple of years ago, I arrived here for the first time as a backpacker student, I met many people like me and I realized we are the ones who create the spirit of this festival. Years later, when I’m here as a journalist, it’s really nice to see that this fact hasn’t change a bit.

Lilla Puskás


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