Is this the end?


I’ve always detested those people leaving the theater before the film’s end. It was ethics for me, a principle, even in those cases when I realized that I was in front of a bad movie much before its ending. It was in the enthusiastic years of my discovering of cinema, those days when you saw three or four movies a day. When film festivals came, you were in the theaters from early morning till sunset. You almost saw everything and almost everything you saw was interesting. In the meanwhile, your eye grows up and demands more and more.. Today, I suppose I am more critical and conscious. I`m still enthusiastic but I gradually set some limits for myself.

When attending a film festival, you make some kind of selection from the beginning. I end up watching as many movies as I had planned to watch, and that’s true for my visit in Karlovy Vary, too. `You have to do things`, it’s true, but let’s say it: becoming a critic entails a selective mentality. I partly feel the lack of that insatiable `naive` way of seeing.

Karlovy Vary offered a rich menu and I missed out on so much. And I’ve recently began to leave the theater before the film’s ending.

by Yuri Lavecchia (Italy)



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