Nisimazine Cannes confessions 2014

Nisimazine Cannes confessions 2014

Do you know at the Oscars, when winners say they’ve always dreamed of becoming an actor/actress and how they never imagined they will get to live it? Well, this is how my hopefully not complicated relationship with Cannes started – I dreamed of going there, being a part of it and experiencing it from up close and I still haven’t come to grips with the fact that I’ve already arrived at that precise destination. This is all thanks to the Nisi Masa bunch, who, for one reason or another, thought I was the chosen one. Alright, not THE chosen one, but one of the chosen ones. I just thought it sounded fancier.

For the past weeks I’ve been in denial/disbelief with the news, constantly wearing a stupid grin all day long and only a couple of hours before the departure did I realize that the madness is on. The turning point was probably the preparing of the luggage, which truly felt like shooting a movie. Take one – oh no, crap, things are falling out. Take two – Ok, I think I can live without that pair of shoes. Take three – I can’t believe I actually had to sit on the luggage to pull the zipper. Thank goodness the emotional baggage is only a metaphor, otherwise I would have been way over the limit. One last check if the ID card is in place – Jesus Christ, I look horrible in that picture. Wallet – that’s the biggest amount of money I’ve had all year. So, 16 hours and three flights later, I leave the Nice airport and the first thing I see are palm trees. It felt like I’ve been walking in the desert for the past 3 days and I stumbled across an oasis. I knew it right there, right then, that everything was going to be great.

Alexandra Fechete (Romania)


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