We’re all here for the feeling


The feeling that gripped me this morning while I was awakening can certainly define the spirit that I’ll be embracing towards this experience. What’s more, it justifies my predictions about this year’s edition of the Cannes Film Festival.

Opposite to my rainy and not-so-pleasant arrival, today I found myself in the middle of the Croisette where this tepid and lukewarm weather spread throughout the majestic and enlivening festival. Mixed with the seashore scent of the Mediterranean, there is an abundant odor of luxury. Everybody wants to be a part of the vanity fair. However, the grandeur of the event is only fully visible when it’s clear that almost every country is represented here. During these 15 days, this is the center of the world.

Nevertheless, as I get to the Palais, everything started to make sense. Earlier in the day I was asked why was I here. And, even though I’m absolutely conscious about the reasons that have driven me to cinema and writing, the answer didn’t came as smoothly as I thought it would. Surprisingly, it has never been so close as it was today. The feeling of sharing experiences with people that are passionate about the art and form of Cinema, that are motivated to have a voice or to create something relevant in the world- this is the closest I’ve got to answering it genuinely. I just love that feeling the same way I did this morning.

by Bernardo Lopes (Portugal)


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